What The Indie Film Loop Is All About

An Experience That Allows You To Grab Hold Of The Many Opportunities Available To You

The Inide Film Loop is the Opportunity of the Southeast where film, television and digital media professionals can come, network, and advance their careers

The Indie Film Loop is a year round focus on providing industry professionals, throughout the southeast, a premiere platform to learn, connect, showcase and be discovered by industry leaders. Based on our Inaugural 2015 success, our annual three-day Conference, at the end of summer, is estimated to draw in over 1200 independent film, television & digital media professionals for 2016 .

During our proof of concept year, 250 professionals attended, at least 5 professionals were selected for productions and/or signed to agencies. A screened short film was selected for production and distribution, and the overall response for the entire weekend of panels, workshops and more were overwhelmingly positive! Now, through further developed partnerships, community engagement and a dedicated team, IFL is posed to exceed expectations again and continue to provide valuable opportunities for years to come.