The PRO LOOP Series

Our Pro Loop Series is exclusively for those looking for a creative, hands on experience. From lens selections, lighting, sound recording, and more, you’ll learn all about what the various filmmaking tools can do to help you tell your story! What tool will you use?

This Series will only be available to our Producer Pass holders only. Click for more info.


“Your One Shot” is the Pro Loop series where we will teach you all about the various lens, lights and cameras in todays marketplace. After see some of the main difference between the different tools, you will be handed a script, storyboard and a team to shoot your one  scene.

The scene will be set with lights, props and the actors, but the rest will be up to you and your selected team to make the story come to life in a one continual shot sequence. You will also get to choose between a Ronin, steady cam, MOVI, dolly crane and more to capture your scene! Are you ready for the challenge?