We are now exactly two weeks away from our 2nd Annual Conference Showcase which, will also be the first time that we will be presenting our “BEST OF SHOWCASE” Awards! 

Actors, SFX Makeup & Composer Showcases

Our judging panel of industry professionals will be making the final call and will decide on who should receive the top honors as “BEST OF SHOWCASE.”
Attendees will get to see all of our showcasing Actors, SFX Makeup Artist & Composers in action and take note on who to watch for as their careers take flight! Directors, producers, casting agents and more will be ready to make connections and make decisions!

Still Haven’t Submitted Your Work For Showcase Consideration?



Note: Talent submissions are Free for 2016! But,all participants will still need to purchase their Talent Showcase Passes to attend. If selected to showcase, your pass will be upgraded to our Director’s Pass.

Indie Film Loop Conference in Atlanta Georgia at the Cobb Galleria Centre will again create a wonderful film screening event with our Moonlight Cinema Event. Will will showcase short films from up and coming directors, producers and more throughout the Southeast

Moonlight Cinema Extravaganza! Tickets Now On Sale

Film Screenings

If you are ready to be able to vote on the Best Film to be screened during the weekend, you will get to do just that at our kick-off Moonlight Cinema Extravaganza on Friday July 22! Our presenting community film partners will be showcasing their best films for you, the audience, to decide on!

Presenting Community Partners & Films: Highwire Comedy, Prince Of Moscow, Ladies’ Night, Lady Like, 64/8, A 48 Hour Film Project, Creative Studios of Atlanta



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