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the indie film loop's 48 hour film project called "The Good Fight"

It’s “The Good Fight” 48 Hour Film And You Are Invited!

Date: MONDAY JULY 18th
Time: 9:30pm (Group B)
Film Title: The Good Fight
Genre: Martial Arts
Team: Indie FIlm Loop
Location: Landmark Arts Cinema in Atlanta, GA.

The Indie Film Loop's 48 Hour Film Poster called "The Good Fight"

Join Us At The Screening Of “The Good Fight” Logline: This Time There’s Much More To Fight For…

It’s a very exciting week ahead as our Indie Film Loop Conference Showcase starts next Friday! But, before that, we also have our 48 Hour Film “The Good Fight” Screening at Landmark Arts Cinema on Monday July 18 in Group B at 9:30pm. We would like to invite you all out to see what we were able to accomplish in only 48 hours… or less (lol).

For those of you who would like to come out and support our 48 Hour screening on Monday, we will also have something special for you for being such a great supporter. For the first 35 people who enter into the theater room (where the film will actually be playing) a complimentary Director’s Pass will be given to you for our Conference Showcase next weekend!

Our conference is set to have industry focused Trade Show, panels, workshops, showcases, films, networking and fun and you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to connect with other industry professionals!


Here are the simple rules for getting the complimentary Director’s Pass:

  • Be in Line for your pass before everyone else (First 30)
  • Make sure you have your group screening pass/tickets ready as you enter (If you don’t have it you are not eligible)
  • No Cutting (Make sure we don’t See cut anyone)
  • No Holding someone’s spot
  • You will be handed your pass (Coupon Code) to be able to use
  • Coupon Code must be used by the next day at 11:59am

Thats it! Again, once you get your pass, make sure to to register ASAP as your pass codes can only be used until 11:59am the next day.



We look forward to seeing you at the movies!

P.S. Dont be late! ;)

Indie Film Loop Best Of Showcase Award

IFL’s BEST Of Showcase Award Is Up For Grabs? Submit While you Can!

We are now exactly two weeks away from our 2nd Annual Conference Showcase which, will also be the first time that we will be presenting our “BEST OF SHOWCASE” Awards! 

Actors, SFX Makeup & Composer Showcases

Our judging panel of industry professionals will be making the final call and will decide on who should receive the top honors as “BEST OF SHOWCASE.” Read More

Indie Film Loop & 48 Hour Film Project Team Networking Cast & Crew Call

Great IFL & 48 Hour Networking Cast & Crew Call With More To Come!

What A Great Night Of Networking Last Wednesday! #GetIndieFilmLoop

The Indie Film Loop and the 48 Hour Film Project Team Leaders saw some really good talent being showcased and had a fun time networking with you!

For everyone that came out, Thank you for having fun with us! About 13 team leaders got to meet and see the cream of the crop. Judging by all of the hype surrounding those that did their 60 Sec intros, we are almost positive that most of them were selected to join a 48 Hour Film Team this year!  Read More