We would like to CONGRATULATE Trishunda Mooney as the Indie Film Loops Sponsored TEAM LEADER for Atlanta’s 48 Hour Film Project!

After signing up to be included in our random selection process and then attending our monthly Indie Film Loop event this past Saturday, Trishunda will now have the opportunity to be apart of the 48 Hour Film Challenge and show the film community, family & friends what her and her team can do! The Indie Film Loop is honored to help her experience this project and will be paying her team’s registration fee and get her started soon!

As an Added BONUS for Trishunda, she will also be receiving 4 complimentary passes to the Indie Film Loop’s Film Conference & Creative Showcase this August 7, 8, 9, 2015 at the Cobb Galleria Centre!

WHATS THE 48 Hour Project?

Her team will only have 48 Hours to come up with a story, the script, and then have to shoot and edit in time to to turn it all in by 7pm that Sunday! But, heres the catch… she wont know what genre she has to write for until the Friday the day the challenge starts where she will have to randomly pick it out of a hat. Then, she will be given a certain prop she has to use in the film, a character, and one line of dialogue that has to be used and then the rest of the frantic creativity is ALL up to her!

For more information and / or to register for the 48 Hour Film Project click here.

We wish Trishunda the best of luck and will be here to help where ever we can to help her prepare for this amazing 48 Hour Film Weekend!

*NOTE: Once Trishunda has OFFICIALLY accepted her winning prize, we will be paying her registration fee to enter into the contest! In the event that she can not accept the winning prize, we have two other names that have been selected and will go down the line of selections accordingly. The next two names are Nattalie Gattson and then Nicholas Wheeler. The Indie Film Loop will only be paying the teams registration fees. All other expenses are up to the team leader.

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