The Film Industry is booming throughout the Southeast and is growing tremendously!. With so many productions already in the filming process and more coming to the state of Georgia, now is the time to get your name and talent out in front of the decision makers. As a participant, you will be in front of directors, producers, casting directors, fellow film enthusiast and more and who are constantly looking for up and coming talent to include into their next Film Project.

This is your chance to get notarized for what you do by some of the best in the industry! As selected participants, you’ll get to walk the Red Carpet at the Award Show and be honored as the Southeast’s Best.
Indie Film Loop Actors Mnologue Competition In Atlanta Georgia

But, it’s more than just that. The Indie Film Loop is all about job creation and the best way to open the doors to more more opportunities in this industry is to make sure more people know who you are and the type of quality work you can produce. Plus, as an extra step towards career development, and with the HELP of your Contributions to our Indie Film Loop Kickstarter Campaign, our TOP showcasing talent will get commissioned to work with the Indie Film Loop’s next Community Film Project by the end of 2015 and will be ready for the world to see in the Spring/Summer of 2016!

What does that mean…? It means you get PAID to do what you love and build your portfolio in the process!

Indie Film Loop SFX Make-up Competition In Atlanta Georgia

We are creating a full on filmmaking experience where those selected will get the experience they need to make it to the next level of Big Budget Production. Are you ready to #GETIndieFilmLoop?

Indie Film Loop Movie Scoring Competition In Atlanta Georgia


Submissions will be based on a pre-screening process. So, after you submit your info for us to review, we will notify you if you are selected to be in the TOP 40 to be showcased during our Indie Film Loop Conference.



Click Here To Register TODAY before it’s to late: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/indie-film-loop-conference-creative-showcase-tickets-17471151685


2 Responses to “Indie Film Loop Industry Showcase Submissions”
  1. Regie

    We just finished editing process on an independent film. If we wanted to submit for this upcoming event, what would be the benefits behind the film being reviewed through your company?

    • TheLoopAdmin

      Hello Regie! Glad to hear you all finished your project! Its a selection process the same as you would go through with submitting to film festivals where you submit, they review it and if the overall quality of them film as a whole meets a high enough benchmark to be selected as a film to be screened during our Moonlight Cinema Event, thats exactly what we will do :) Also, the Kickstarter Backer Submission Fee will also get you in to the event as well. Let us know if you need more info and Look forward to seeing your film!

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