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Indie Film Loop & 48 Hour Film Project Team Networking Cast & Crew Call

Great IFL & 48 Hour Networking Cast & Crew Call With More To Come!

What A Great Night Of Networking Last Wednesday! #GetIndieFilmLoop

The Indie Film Loop and the 48 Hour Film Project Team Leaders saw some really good talent being showcased and had a fun time networking with you!

For everyone that came out, Thank you for having fun with us! About 13 team leaders got to meet and see the cream of the crop. Judging by all of the hype surrounding those that did their 60 Sec intros, we are almost positive that most of them were selected to join a 48 Hour Film Team this year!  Read More

Indie Film Loop Job Market


Join the Indie Film Loop as we help bridge the gap to opportunity. Hundreds of skilled professionals will be put in direct contact with decision makers from some of the most innovative businesses throughout the Southeast region and abroad. They’ll be ready to connect and potentially hire qualified individuals who can join their team in their mission take their organizations to new heights and excel together within a Read More

Inovite Short Film by the Indie Film Loop& GennextENT and written & directed by DTrundle


A Indie Film Loop & GennextENT Collaboration Project

Writer/Director: DTrundle

CASTING & CREW CALL : INOVITE is a short film the Indie Film Loop is producing written & directed by DTrundle that has taken the idea of Client VS Creative to a whole new and mythological direction. Everyone loves a good story where suspense, drama, action and world dominance is a key factor and this film is nothing short of it. 48 Hour Film Partnership will allow us to Screen a clip/trailer during Atlanta’s 48 Hour Project and the full film will be featured during the Indie Film Loop Conference & Creative Showcase in August. Be Apart Of the Client VS Creative Short film Experience because… you already are! #GetIndieFilmLoop


A mythical short that dives into the dimension between those who create and those who strive to take it away in order to manipulate the world around them. When a sadistic leader of a known Militia finally comes face to face with an old friend who is an Inovite with mind controlling powers that reach unprecedented levels, his hostile takeover gets it’s biggest test yet… But, will it be enough to stop him or will he need the help of his fellow Inovites…? Read More