“INOVITE – The Introduction”, written & directed by DTrundle, is a mythological take on what being creative is all about and the exstensive lengths some will go in order to use those abilities for their own personal gain and in this case… rule the world.

We premiered our teaser last week at Atlanta’s 48 Hour Awards show and it was exciting to see and hear the reaction from the crowd as they asked what was this INOVITE stuff all about. Well, it’s about you… the creative.

Our INOVITE film/web series is something that the Indie Film Loop is looking to develop as an avenue to incorporate those inspiring to be more involved in the Indie Film Community. We realize that their are a lot of companies who only talk about what it takes to make a movie. The Indie Film Loop is an organization that goes the full spectrum and is about MAKING movies as well! In doing so, we will be the ONLY organization who is focused on finding and highlighted inspiring independent filmmakers and film professionals and also creating jobs for them. How cool is that right!

The Indie Film Loop is all about you, the creative, the inspired to do more, the ready and willing… the INOVITES!

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Inovite Official Poster and trailer premiere at 48 hour film project in atlantaINOVITE World Premiere

Synopsis: A suspense/thriller short film that dives into the dimension between those who create and those who strive to take that ability away to manipulate and control the world around them. When a sadistic leader of a known Militia finally comes face to face with an old Inovite friend with unparalleled abilities, a hostile takeover will take place… or will it?

Thanks to all of our team, partners and supporters who were with us on this journey! wink emoticon All About PropsPixelCantinaVircisionNorcostcoSuperNova Audio


Define INOVITE: Being’s born with various abilities that can be used to engage, inspire & motivate others around them and their surroundings.


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