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OFFICIAL Web Premiere: INOVITE – The Introduction: Written & Directed by DTrundle

INOVITE - The Introduction Written & Directed by DTrundle

Productions are challenging. But, it’s the end results that keep you inspired and motivated to keep going and do more. What started out as an idea for something fun and different has now manifested into something more and we would like to send out a tremendous THANK YOU to everyone involved! After Vircision Studios saw our INOVITE – The Introduction short at our Moonlight Cinema Event at our Film Conference back in August, they were excited to pick it up for full production and make the idea even BIGGER & BETTER!

So, for all of you wonderful production professionals out there, be on the look at for cast and crew calls coming out soon as we aim to expand on this concept… Including writers! Read More


PAID: OPEN CASTING CALL for “Steal The Moment”

At The INDIE FILM LOOP Conference & Creative Showcase

DATE: Saturday August 8, 2015
LOCATION: Cobb Galleria Centre
Time: 10:45 am

Indie Film Loop Presents the Short Film “STEAL THE MOMENT”
15 Minutes in Length
Release Date: Valentine’s Day 2016
Executive Producer / Director / Writer: Deontae Trundle (DTrundle)


From the Writer / Director of “INOVITE” (Trailer Below), DTrundle crafts a new story that takes the spiraling lives of two people and intertwines their paths at an unexpected moment that will change their lives forever. But, will it be for better or worse? On Valentine’s Day 2016, you’ll get to find out what it truly means to “Steal The Moment.

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VIDEO: INOVITE – The Introduction Teaser Trailer

“INOVITE – The Introduction”, written & directed by DTrundle, is a mythological take on what being creative is all about and the exstensive lengths some will go in order to use those abilities for their own personal gain and in this case… rule the world.

We premiered our teaser last week at Atlanta’s 48 Hour Awards show and it was exciting to see and hear the reaction from the crowd as they asked what was this INOVITE stuff all about. Well, it’s about you… the creative.

Our INOVITE film/web series is something that the Indie Film Loop is looking to develop as an avenue to incorporate those inspiring to be more involved in the Indie Film Community. We realize that their are a lot of companies who only talk about what it takes to make a movie. The Indie Film Loop is an organization that goes the full spectrum and is about MAKING movies as well! In doing so, we will be the ONLY organization who is focused on finding and highlighted inspiring independent filmmakers and film professionals and also creating jobs for them. How cool is that right!

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