INOVITE - The Introduction Written & Directed by DTrundle

Productions are challenging. But, it’s the end results that keep you inspired and motivated to keep going and do more. What started out as an idea for something fun and different has now manifested into something more and we would like to send out a tremendous THANK YOU to everyone involved! After Vircision Studios saw our INOVITE – The Introduction short at our Moonlight Cinema Event at our Film Conference back in August, they were excited to pick it up for full production and make the idea even BIGGER & BETTER!

So, for all of you wonderful production professionals out there, be on the look at for cast and crew calls coming out soon as we aim to expand on this concept… Including writers!

Connect with us on social media and our newsletter to stay #IndieFilmLoop – A couple more productions coming up over the the couple months will be looking for cast and crew as well!


“INOVITE – The Introduction”
Written & Directed By DTrundle

Inovite Official Poster and trailer premiere at 48 hour film project in atlanta


A mythical short that dives into the dimension between those who create and those who strive to take it away. When a sadistic leader of a known Militia finally comes face to face with an old friend with extraordinary INOVITE levels, a hostile takeover seems imminent as the Militia looks to take over the world. But, will he succeed or fail…?

Define INOVITE: Being’s born with a highly advanced central nervous system that allows them to project their thoughts, feelings and desires through neural impulses to engage and control their surroundings.

Production Company
Indie Film Loop

Special Thanks To:
All About Props
SuperNova Audio
UBJ Productions
Surreal Productions

Written & Directed by:

Director Of Photography:
Justin Kuhn

Executive Producer:

Brigitte Victoria
Jeanette Cruz-Martinez
John Mangual

Barry Victor Piacente – Erhart
D.Trundle – 00216
John Mangual – Henchmen #1
Sosa Idahosa – Henchmen #2
Cleveland Tre Turner – Henchmen #3
Sergei Dmitri – Door Guard

Edited by:
John Mangual

Motion Graphics Supervisor:
John Mangual

Casting Agency:
Indie Film Loop & Surreel Productions

Casting Director:
Jeanette Cruz-Martinez

Music By:
Kota Aranda
Audio Jungle

Sound Recording:
Nicole Hankerson Ceo

Production Design:
Alvin Eric Vazquez
Wendy Derrick

Make up:
Brigitte Victoria

Costume & Wardrobe:
Brigitte Victoria
John Mangual

Behind The Scenes Footage:
Kaneisha Montague

Sound Design:

Craft Services:
Jeanette Cruz-Martinez
John Mangual
Brigitte Victoria

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